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What does Russia’s personal data law mean for foreign companies?

Exactly two years have passed since amendments to Federal Law 152-FZ, On Personal Data, of 27 July 2006, (‘the Personal Data Law’), obliging data operators to store Russians’ personal data on servers in Russia, came into force. For now, it is too early to say that those failing to comply with these regulations is always punished. However, it is already clear that Russia’s lawmakers, in toughening the penalties and introducing new requirements are treating the matter extremely seriously, as are the country’s law enforcement authorities, as shown by one of the most high-profile cases in the last two years: the blocking of LinkedIn’s website in Russia. This article explains the requirements for data storage, situations when foreign companies need to comply, and the penalties for non-compliance.
Опубликовано:«ЭЖ-Юрист» №45 (996) 2017